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You cannot lift your children to a higher level than that on which you live yourself"
Author Unknown

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“A Nation Lost”

Some had
become blinded,
some were sleeping;
but so many
had just
stopped watching.

And while
they were asleep,
while they
weren’t watching,
while they
weren’t seeing,
the enemy came,
and all was lost!

Hi, we are Jerry and Kelly Stewart. You are either coming to this site because you have heard some of our patriotic radio programs, or this may be your first time to meet us.

We deeply love our nation, America, and our radio
programs over the last 15 years have been focused
on telling the stories of how our America came to
be the greatest nation in the world.

But now we see our nation changing, losing it’s
“greatness”. But how, why? We believe it’s because
we have lost our way as a nation, and the powerful
principles and values that our nation was built upon
are just going away.

And our kids? What do they see? They are not
learning so many of these core principles necessary
to give them what they need to be tomorrow’s leaders.
And if they don’t learn it now – it will be lost forever.

So, we have taken our 15 years of stories
and communicating the true “greatness”
of America, and we have built a curriculum
which can be taught to the children of all ages
right now. We use story telling - good, true stories,
presented in such a way that the children will be
interested and entertained – and they will learn.

We have a full curriculum designed to give a
10 week course for you and your children, your
entire family, to incorporate into your home studies,
three sessions per week for less than $4 per week.

So let’s stop talking about it and just show
you a sample lesson for free.
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- Our Goal -

To Teach the Children:

1. Respect for self and others

2. Courage to commit

3. Self Reliance

4. Honesty/Truthfulness

5. Perseverance

6. Selflessness

7. Leadership

8. Standing up for what is right

9. Personal Accountability

10. Honoring God and His Word